You make the difference


Personality tests, online and with multiple choice questions are a dime a dozen. However, there are few scientifically based tests focusing on unconscious and visual impressions. Using the Visual Questionnaire (ViQ) based on the established theory of Julius Kuhl, we at skillster work with exactly that kind of test procedure. 

We are all shaped by our unconscious, especially when we make supposedly conscious decisions. The ViQ distinguishes between 16 personality types - all based on visual impressions. We designed the test to be simple and intuitive and integrated it into our platform. After only about ten minutes, you will receive a multi-page result that tells you more about yourself, your personality traits and preferences. In addition, it will also help you as a template for your applications. 

Your test result assigns you to a certain personality type. What does that mean for you? If a company is looking for exactly your personality type, your profile will be suggested as a match. It's not you who should adapt to a job and an employer - the job that suits you should find YOU. The strength of our platform and online job placement is thus the easy, playful application, the neutral search algorithm and the focus on you: the person as such. To take the test, you have to register or log in and start the test under "Your profile."